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Allen Edmonds St John’s



Double monk strap dress shoe
Classic fit
Cap-toe shoes with perforated brogue styling
Pairs with both formal and casual wear

Single oak leather sole
CustomCork™ midsole naturally molds for a custom fit
Bench Welt for added stability
Handcrafted in Port Washington, WI of fine imported leathers
Built on the welted 1943 Last
360º Goodyear Welted construction
Lined premium leather upper

Allen Edmonds Nashua


Transformation is good. Take the town of Nashua, New Hampshire, which almost disappeared off the map with the loss of its factories during the 1950s. But instead of giving up the town reinvented itself as a high-tech hub to become a two-time honoree as the best place to live in the United States. That kind of makeover reminds us of the style of this shoe, which takes the classic kiltie golf shoe design and revamps it into a casual moccasin. Originally, the kiltie was placed over the laces of golf spikes to keep out debris. Here, the kiltie not only adds just the right amount of sophistication but also acts as the perfect palate to allow the brown leather trim and tassels to play off the shoe's black or brown pebble grain body. By pairing this two-tone look with the slightly shorter vamp representative of the 114-Last and a tough Hamlet rubber outsole, we've also made this loafer more comfortable and rugged than ever. Among our most popular choice from the Casual Collection, the Nashua is sure to breathe new life into any man's wardrobe.

Allen Edmonds Dalton


When we asked Jim Dayton, an award-winning architect and protégé of Frank Gehry, to design our new retail store prototype, we never planned for him to create a shoe for us. But, by using authentic materials in his store design like Wisconsin red birch and touches of the cork that cushions our shoes, he did such a great job capturing our company's personality that we asked him to bring the same aesthetic sensibilities to a pair of shoes. And we're sure glad we did. In creating this seven-eyelet blucher boot, Dayton used his architect's sharp-eye to perfectly balance the silhouette of the rounded, full toe with the extended calf-high upper. Similarly, the orange leather lining, toe medallion and perforations on the back-stay and wingtip combine to accentuate the boot's heartier features, like the Butyl leather sole, and create a blueprint for both elegance and strength. Tucked under blue jeans or a blue suit, they present a stylish profile while providing the type of ankle stability and support not usually found in a dress shoe. A truly original boot made by a one-of-a-kind artisan, the Dalton is the perfect foundation on which to build a great outfit.

Allen Edmonds Greyson


Whether you ask a scientist, electrician or a romantic matchmaker, they'll all tell you the same thing: opposites attract. And when it comes to the Grayson, consistently one of our top sellers, that same axiom has proven true when it comes to shoe styling as well. Yes, this model's clean profile gives it the respectability of a dress shoe, but it is also delivers the gratifying convenience of a loafer. Sure, it has the cultivated look that only comes with a sleek toe and hand-raised stitching, but its tassel and side-lacing convey an individual spirit that cannot be overlooked. Whether you are charmed by its sophistication or its playfulness-or some combination of the two, we can assure you will fall in love with these shoes that adapt perfectly to both your work and social lives.

A leather sole has a special feel and traditional look that can't be beat. But in certain inclement weather situations or for guys whose jobs involve lots of time on their feet, it can be good to have the traction and stability that only a rubber sole can add. So you don't have to choose between these two options, we decided to fuse them into the tap sole, a leather sole with V-tread rubber inserts on the forefoot and heel. Polished yet practical for the ultimate presence and performance, the tap sole will have you walking tall, and that's no song and dance.

Allen Edmonds Strand


The Strand is Allen Edmonds CEO & President Paul Grangaard's favorite style! The relationship began in the early 1980s when, as a newly-minted banker eager for overseas experience, he had the good fortune of being transferred to Frankfurt, Germany. Given his age, inexperience and the language challenge inherent in the job, he was looking for a “credibility-enhancer” and some needed gravitas. So he bought his first pair of this distinctly American version of the classic senior executive's cap-toe brogue. When he became head of Allen Edmonds in 2008, Paul made sure they were one of the first styles reintroduced in the Timeless Classics Collection. Built on the 5-Last, these balmorals are full of personality, thanks to an array of impressive perforations plus a striking medallion on the cap toe. Perfectly complementing its design elements is this model's orderly and architectural form, which effortlessly conveys an air of achievement as well as refined elegance. This means, just as it did for Paul, that when you put on a pair of Strands, you'll elevate your game at the same time.

Allen Edmonds McAllister


First introduced in 1956 and brought back by popular demand in 2009, this model is our ode to a style that dates back hundreds of years. You see, originally, the wingtip gained popularity in Scotland because its secondary trim provided extra protection from the Highland's rocky crags and its perforations allowed water to drain from shoe as a highlander traversed boggy landscapes. Over the years, this dress brogue has remained a must-have model because its traditional 5-Last fit, sturdy leather sole and the strength conveyed by the short wings instill a sense of confidence to anyone who wears them. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the perfing on the wing, throat and backstay along with the pinking and intricate toe medallion also make these shoes as refined as they are enduring. And just as it has evolved from its humble beginnings into the quintessential business shoe, the McAllister is perfect for the man who is making his way in the world, but hasn't forgot where he came from.

Allen Edmonds Park Ave


Whether it's the timeless architecture of New York's dramatic Chrysler Building or the boundless utility of a Swiss Army Knife, you just can't improve upon some ideas. For that same reason we celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the sleek design of our Park Avenue in 2010, continually one of Allen Edmonds' best sellers and the Inauguration Day footwear choice for Presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton and G.W. Bush. Guaranteed to make a dramatic impression, this cap-toe balmoral combines a classic silhouette with unsurpassed craftsmanship to convey the serious presence necessary for anyone who leads by example and ensures the Park Avenue will perfectly suit all the most important moments in your life.

Allen Edmonds Delray


The literal translation of Delray is “of the king”, a fitting moniker given how our loyal Allen Edmonds customer has pledged his allegiance to this model, making it a top-seller year in and year out. Part of its appeal is based on the dramatic interplay between the tapered split toe and the plug overlay, two unique features rarely found on a quality dress shoe. This five-eyelet blucher is further set apart from our other formal styles because it is designed on the 8-Last to give it an elongated forepart that corresponds well with all manner of professional attire. Whether your daily outfit includes a suit or dress slacks, we assure you that the Delray will quickly become the crown jewel of your wardrobe.

Allen Edmonds Sea Island


Allen Edmonds believes you can’t make the best without using the best. That means the finest suede in the world from Charles F. Stead, the century-old English tannery. This supple and smooth suede gives our new Sea Island penny loafer a soft and smooth look that is perfect for sockless wear. It also lends the blues and browns a depth and richness that’s reminiscent of a day by the ocean. This slip-on is unlined, which creates an airy feel and the comfortable fit that results when your foot nestles right against the interior of buttery-soft suede. Made with a water-resistant Butyl sole for added versatility, the Sea Island possesses everything you want in a casual slip-on.

Allen Edmonds Daytona


The fast cars and fun times of racing are captured in this driving moc. Styled with a lower profile, this shoe has the same dramatic aerodynamic look you love on your favorite race car. Plus, when that sleek silhouette is combined with the contrast stitching on the vamp and beef roll, it only further accentuates the sporty look of a roadster that’s been detailed with striking racing stripes. And, just like any car relies on its tires, a shoe is only as good as its sole. The Daytona has one of the best—an Asti outsole that’s durable and flexible whether you are behind the wheel or on your feet. Unlined for a pleasant fit with or without socks, the oils and smooth finish of the Fargo leather make this slip on look as good as it feels, whether you are cruising down the open road or just hanging around the garage.

Allen Edmonds Carlyle


Just like our Park Avenues, the Carlyle Hotel has a long history with American presidents. Though this new six-eyelet balmoral hasn't yet achieved the fame of its cap-toed forerunner, its name signifies the fact it has just that kind of potential. Already being called an instant classic, the understated handsewn whipstitching coupled with the burnishing on the toe allow the style's great lines and impeccable calfskin to shine. The 108 last design, which features an elongated, tapered toe, gives this dress shoe just the right amount of attitude making it perfect for the modern executive that is considered a success but still feels like he has something to prove. Finished with a regular welt, single leather sole and regular heel, the Carlyle instills confidence when you walk into any office, oval or otherwise.

True tastemakers know chili adds the same complexities to food as it does to shoes: color, depth and just the right amount of kick. That's why we're proud to introduce Bob's Chili, our new dark chili burnished leather. Named after our head of finishing, Bob's Chili was an experiment on the burnishing wheel. He combined several unique dyes and a pinch or two of secret sauce to create distinctly powerful highs and lows in the Chili color range. Now available in our line-up of Classics, as well as other select styles, these styles are destined to be the hottest shoes out there when the weather turns cool.

Allen Edmonds Strandmok


Want timeless Strand style but with that vintage look you love? We've reinvented the Strandmok to give you just that. Crafted in the USA, this six-eyelet balmoral is now outfitted with burnished nubuck, a material with tons of natural oils that allows the leather to patina and fit specifically to your foot the more you wear it. The split reverse welt not only provides extra stability but also gives these shoes a wider, more masculine profile, making them a great alternative to boots when the weather turns chilly and you want to hit the town. Other new touches include the studded Dainite rubber sole and heel to protect you from the elements and a Poron insole for extra cushioning. Of course, the artisan elements you love about the Strand, like the captoe, perfing and pinking, are still here, so that the new Strandmok is a fresh causal shoe with a traditional lineage whose time has finally come.

Allen Edmonds Cavanaugh



  • Leather sole mens loafers
  • Moc-toe pinch penny loafers
  • Lined premium calfskin leather or suede leather upper
  • Single oak leather sole with regular heel
  • Handsewn construction
  • This shoe is eligible for our full Recrafting service 
  • Proudly made in the USA at our Port Washington, Wisconsin factory

Allen Edmonds Boulder


Why was Boulder, Colorado named the happiest place to live in the United States? Could it be because the city is surrounded by acres and acres of open spaces and situated in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Rocky Mountains? Or maybe it is just because everyone is wearing the town's namesake, incredibly comfortable moccasins from the ae by Allen Edmonds collection. This casual slip-on loafer is a joy to slide your foot in and out of, while you'll be ecstatic with the protection and traction afforded you by the unlined mudguards and the array of curved grooves on the bottom of its Blues rubber sole. Also you'll sure be glad we crafted this driving shoe with handsome design features like the two-tone leather body and contrast stitching, both of which look cool whether you are hanging out or going out. A joy to wear and look at, the Boulder will put a smile on your face no matter where you call home.

Allen Edmonds Verona II



  • Leather sole mens loafers
  • Moc-toe loafer with saddle and bit
  • Part of the Italian Collection of premium men's shoes
  • Lined premium calfskin leather upper
  • Combination leather/rubber heel
  • Bologna construction
  • This shoe is eligible for our full Recrafting service 
    Allen Edmonds Recrafting
  • Made in Italy

Allen Edmonds Arezzo



  • Rubber sole mens loafer
  • Venetian slip-on with Old English silver bit
  • Part of the Italian Collection of premium men's shoes
  • Lined premium calfskin leather upper
  • Mini-lug rubber sole
  • Bologna construction
  • This shoe is eligible for our full Recrafting service (learn about Allen Edmonds legendary shoe Recrafting)
    Allen Edmonds Recrafting
  • Made in Italy