By now, we know you’ve mastered the art of business dressing and formalwear, but sometimes even the best dressed men make the common mistake of stopping there and not considering their outerwear. With temperatures dropping, it might seem like an easy idea to throw on your puffy, down jacket and head out the door to work or out on the town, but this oversight is definitely not the most appropriate or fashion forward option both in the workplace and at your special event.

To keep warm and look put together (this is important when trying to secure that job promotion or snag that hot date) consider an overcoat or a car coat. An overcoat is traditionally made of wool, fitted, with long sleeves extending past your suit/shirt cuff, and extending anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle. If the length is off-putting for you, consider a car coat which is basically the same idea, yet ends higher than knee length (traditionally intended to not be occlusive while driving/riding in an automobile).

There are many varieties of overcoats/car coats with style differing based on lapels, double vs single breasts, collars, cuffs, back vents, etc. Come in to Ted’s to check out our carefully curated selection today!