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Tori Richard Zanzibar


Our cotton lawn fabric is known for holding an immense amount of detail and color, making it the ideal canvas for highly intricate designs. In this rich wood-block print, a mixture of cultural art shines with East African influence.

Tori Richard Tendensea


A Danish poet once wrote, “The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea”. Take heed and find your cure in this intricate and detailed wave print! Known to be lightweight and crease-resistant without being sheer, our high performance cotton lawn will keep you cool on your journey.

Tori Richard Shell Corp


Shells are abound in full art deco style, in Shell Corp. Known for keeping cool in tropical climates, our proprietary cotton lawn fabric also holds an immense amount of color and detail. This handsome print is subtle, with the perfect dose of vitamin sea.

Tori Richard Shady Bunch


Elegant yet simple, these finely crafted topical leaves make the perfect pairing for our 100% cotton lawn fabric. Whether you’re in the sun or shade, you’ll feel the cool breeze in this intricate foliage print.

Tori Richard Preppy Palms


The tropics are calling, are you ready to answer? Mini intarsia palms add a little East coast prep to our luxurious cotton yarn dye fabric. Soft with a silk like feel, this subtle design will put you in a resort state of mind.

Tori Richard Pollenesia


Did you know that the average speed of a bee is 15 miles per hour? Looks like the buzz is all about Pollenesia, a rich and sophisticated jacquard featuring blooming flowers and fronds.

Tori Richard Pastiche


A visual work of art, this decorative design resembles an intricate mosaic at its finest (with an island touch, of course)! Known for holding an immense amount of detail, our cotton lawn fabric is also loved for keeping cool in tropical climates.

Tori Richard Parad Nouveau


Although it certainly fits right in, did you know that the bird of paradise is not native to Hawai’i?! Originating from South Africa, this iconic flower is a true gift of nature. Here, we celebrate its unique shape in art deco fashion on our silky and smooth silk cotton jacquard fabric.

Tori Richard One Two Tree


One of the key signs you’ve made it to paradise are the rows and clusters of tall swaying coconut trees. This inviting design will transport you to a resort state of mind, while our soft silk fabric will make you feel like you never want to leave.

Tori Richard Lauhala


Have you ever seen a hala tree? Popular in many Pacific cultures, the hala tree is of great cultural, health and economic importance. Lau, meaning “leaf” in Hawaiian, can be woven or braided to create baskets, mats, and hats. Here, spry leaves dance among plumeria in this beautifully detailed tropical design. Printed on our beloved cotton lawn fabric, which is known for its performance in hot and humid climates.

Tori Richard Hospitality Palm


This is a pretty inviting print, if we do say so ourselves. Mini pineapples, which are considered the icon of hospitality, welcome you to paradise as contrasting palms shake things up a bit! Available on our comfortable cotton stretch, a great fabric that moves with your every step.

Tori Richard Geo Ethnic


Inspired by African batik and ankara prints, this mesmerizing tapa print is full of geo shapes and fine lines. Available in our incredible cotton lawn fabric, which is known for its ability to hold an immense amount of color and detail.

Tori Richard Bon Dance


It’s celebration time! Inspired by ”Bon,” a Japanese custom to welcome and honor the spirts of the dead while a “Bon Dance” is a customary style of dancing performed during the festival. We’re celebrating traditional Japanese motifs, as they soar and bloom in this dynamic design. Printed on our proprietary cotton lawn fabric, and like a yukata (light summer kimono) is known for its incredible performance in hot and humid climates.